Double Peony Designs

Manor, Texas
United States

Hello! My name is Laurie and together with my mom, Kathy, we began crafting many years ago!  I am a former elementary school teacher and I was always looking for fun shirts for the holidays to wear at work.  I always wanted something a little different than I could find online so, we bought some vinyl and a cutting machine and the crafting began!  Beyond t-shirts, I loved making personalized gifts for my students for the end of the year. Soon after, we were creating decor and gifts for bridal showers and baby showers for ourselves and friends.  We loved the feeling of giving a homemade, one of a kind gift to our loved ones. We both relocated to Texas within a year or so from each other and decided to share our creations beyond our friends and family and so, Double Peony Designs was born.  We chose the Peony because it has a special meaning to us.  My grandmother had beautiful white peonies growing in her yard where my mother grew up.  When my mother had her own home, they transplanted some of the peonies to her garden.  Then, when I had my own home, I transplanted some of them to my garden. We looked forward to seeing them every Spring.  Not only are they beautiful, big flowers, but their scent is heavenly.

So, there you have a little about us!

If you have any questions about a customized/personalized order, please message us at

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